community forum

It’s time once again to highlight all the fascinating and helpful discussions that are going on in the Keeper of the Home community forum these days!

I love, love, love to see that the number of members is growing every week. Welcome, everyone!

If you haven’t joined yet and are unsure of what the forum is all about, you can start here by reading more about my vision for the forum, and then sign yourself up as a member and jump right in! It might just take me up to a couple days to approve your membership, simply because I approve each one manually, rather than automatically, to ensure that the forum stays clean and free of spam (and so far, so good!).

Nutrition- Silly questions about soaking

Nutrition- Help me decode the sugar alternatives

Recipes- Liver! How do you eat it?

Recipes- Needed: Recipes for sprouts

Household Cleaning- Disposing of non-natural cleaning products

Household Cleaning- Tea Tree Oil

Natural Remedies- Diarhea

Natural Remedies- Cavities

Supplements- Probiotic recommendation?

Food (Frugality)- Budgeting requiring cuts- where to cut?

Pregnancy- Midwife vs. OB/GYN? Differences?

Recycling- What to do with styrofoam trays?

Training and Discipling (Mothering)- Training a child with a natural “messy” tendency (So this is my own question- I’d love to hear your thoughts!)

Encouragement for those who are tired and weary (Mothering)- Feeling in over my head

Curriculum (Homeschooling)- Looking for creation-based science books

Lastly, this would be a great time to get some discussion going in the gardening section, as we plan and prepare for the upcoming season. A few good places to start are the Newbies board, or General Gardening Topics, or Seeds.

Two questions for you today- What would make the forum a more valuable place for you to visit? And are there any topics that you would like to see that aren’t in there right now?