10 essential herbs

10 essential herbs

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  1. Hi Stephanie …

    First of all, please allow me to express how impressed with you that I am. I am 65 years old and (at my age) not much impresses me anymore … lol !!!

    Secondly, I’d like to share something my mother used as a health remedy for my brother and me when we were sickly tykes.

    Like you, she used the onion to help ward off colds and similar illnesses. She made a broth with unions … or maybe it was a soup … not sure about that. I do recall that she put several cut-up onions in a pan of water with salt and herbs (I don’t remember which ones but I’d say they were the ones you use in your Cold Kicker recipe). She wrapped the seasonings/herbs in cheesecloth, dropped them into the pot and removed them when the broth/soup was finished cooking. She cooked this recipe “low and slow” and kept us in the kitchen so we “could smell it as it cooked.” (I guess she knew smelling an onion was beneficial, also.) Before serving it, she would mash the cooked onions through a sieve and incorporated the pulp or flesh of the onion into the liquid. This probably served to enrich the dish and to thicken it a bit. She had my brother and/or me sip a small mug of it a few times a day until we felt better, which took only a couple of days.

    Sorry I don’t remember all the details but this was 6-plus decades ago. My mother has been deceased for many years so I can’t ask her, either. Anyhow, reading your postings brought back some memories and I’m so happy to learn that there are others who keep these remedies alive and well. BTW … I’m going to make some of the recipes you offer us as my confidence in conventional medicine is waning !!!

    Thank you SOOOO much !!!


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