Memorizing Scripture as a Family


Looking for a way to memorize scripture with your children?

Over the last month or two, we have begun using a system that is
working so well for us. It helps us to not only learn new scriptures,
but to continually be reviewing the ones that we have already committed
to memory.

My husband ran across this system on a Charlotte Mason site. The
method was relatively simple to put together. The most time consuming
aspect was actually choosing the verses that he wanted to include in it
and typing them out, but setting up the box itself was quick and easy.


Basically, we always have one verse under "today" or "daily" that we are in the process of memorizing, as well as many others in rotation. Those verses are reviewed on even or odd days, the days of the week, and then the date of the month (this link explains it much better than I do). We bought a small box that fits index cards, and then a package of index card dividers from the dollar store. We printed the verses out on the computer, then cut and paste them onto index cards. We store all the extras at the back of the box, and gradually add them to the system as we learn them.

We like to do our verses while we eat breakfast (or dinner, if we weren't able to all eat together in the morning). Ryan leads us and we all repeat the verses together while we are learning them, and then take turns trying to say them on our own. I am constantly surprised and awed by how our 4 1/2 year old picks up the verses so easily and just rattles them off to us! Children have amazing, sponge-like memories and this is the perfect time to help them learn to hide God's word in their hearts. I am so blessed to see her learning these truths, and trust that as she understands and learns more of the Bible that it will bear much fruit in her life (and in our other children, as they grow old enough to do this as well).

Do you memorize scripture with your children or as a family? What types of methods or systems do you (or have you) used?

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  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  2. We have begun using the SCM system this fall as well, and just love it. I even include other homeschooling items we are memorizing – vocabulary, prayers, poems, etc. – and the kids are so much more eager to recite from their memories when it is the box asking them and not me!

    Now, I’ve been inspired by you to get a pretty box (ours is, well, ugly) – it’ll make it all the more cheerful!

  3. Thank you for this post. I’ve been looking for something to help us all memorize together and I love this organizational method! We’ve already started our box!! Thanks!

  4. This is a great idea, and I wouldn’t have thought of my four year old as ready to memorize Scripture had you not told me he could. ;) I am forbidden from entering the Charlotte mason site; is it just temporarily down or is there a secret to getting in?

  5. My son is only 3 months and I am excited about what lies ahead with his relationship with this Lord! With that said, I don’t have any techniques on memorizing verses, so I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. As a child, I always wrote the verse down over and over until I knew it by heart.

  6. I am so happy to read about the index card box to encourage review of the Scriptures that we have already learned! Retaining what we learn is definitely something to work diligently on and improve.

    One method that I have found to be effective is to print the verses off on cardstock. Print one word per card and mount adhesive magnets on the back. Children love sticking the magnets on the fridge or a baking sheet and playing with them over and over. This hands-on manipulative technique can be very useful for mastering all types of information, not just Scripture.

    For more detailed information and photos about how to make and use this magnetic method of memorization, you might like to visit my recent post about memorizing Bible verses with ease.

    Thank you for a very nice post. I agree with you that hiding God’s Word in our hearts is so important.

  7. I am terrible at this but it is something I have been feeling convicted about lately. Since my “family” consists of me & my cat, Archie, I should have no excuse, except that Archie would rather sit on my Bible than let me read it. :)

  8. Oh, and someone mentioned the Steve Green (Hide ’em in your heart) cd’s. We LOVE those here and use those too! In fact many of the songs are scheduled along in my daughters curriculum with the scripture we are learning. Certainly helps with memorization. So do making up motions.

  9. I wish I could say that we are memorizing scripture as a family, but sadly we (the two older children and I….baby is still too young) are still praying for Daddy’s heart. The children (ages 3 and 6) and I do work on scripture memorization everyday together. Right now we are using the scriptures that are scheduled in my daughters curriculum (Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory) to memorize together. I also do some on my own, and had recently read about the CM method, and have bought the little box for the index cards but have not yet implemented it. Very soon!

  10. love this!! Just what we need!

  11. That sounds like a really neat system. We used to just write out the verse on paper and go over it and memorize it with our 3 year old, but then I would lose the paper. So when this year for our preschool homeschooling stuff, we have a different little notebook for each subject and I have a Bible one for her. I have been writing down the verses in the book, and then once one is learned, we choose a new one. Up to this point we just say the previous verses again each day with the one we are working on…but I can see as time goes on that this way won’t work with too many verses. I think I will do it your way instead once I take the time to set it up. I like that.

    I am also amazed with our daughter’s ability to memorize. Its FAR better than mine! I wish I was taught scripture (or anything Bible related even) at a young age. They are sponges. We started doing memory work at around 2 1/2, which is when she learned to talk.

    Oh and another amazing way to memorize for kids is the Steve Green CD’s and DVD’s. He put scripture to song in a very upbeat, easy to listen to (even for adults) kid friendly way, and then the DVD’s are basically him and some kids singing the songs and acting them out. Ours came as a set. There are little kid-friendly commentaries too. Perfect for the before-supper “crazy hour” :) My daughter loves them and we got them as a gift.

  12. What a great idea! When my daughter is old enough to start memorizing, we’ll have to use this.

  13. I forgot to mention. Like Jen (above), we make hand motions as well. Works really good for the youngest children!

  14. Starting in kindergarten, my children learn a different Psalm each month. We recite it together twice each morning in ‘school’. By first grade we move to Genesis 1, second grade, Hebrews 11; and so on until they reach sixth grade where we memorized the entire book of James. We break it down so that they are memorizing a portion each month. Occasionally, we have a day where we go back over what we learned. One fun way to do this is taking what we call a Scripture Walk (works great with the book of James!). We go outside and walk as far as we can based on how much we memorized. In other words, we start walking and talking. When we can’t do anymore (helping each other out, of course!), we turn around and do it back again.

    Also, I’ve purchased a microphone headset for my computer so that I can record my voice saying the passage. We play it through itunes or burn a CD for the car. Because we have to travel to get to town, it is the perfect time to run through our memory verses as a refresher. We also do this with poetry, catechisms, and learning songs. (We sing A LOT!).

  15. What a great idea…I love the box!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!
    I bet your kiddos just love learning there scripture verses now!
    I will have to make one!


  16. Kika - central Alberta says:

    My children all attend AWANA club and scripture memorization is a principal component of this. I help them with their memory work but they are way better at this than my husband and I.

  17. Thanks for sharing! Looks similar to what I’ve ben trying to do on my own, memorizing verses every week, but having a three ring binder of old verses to review. This looks like it would be a much better system – if I could keep up with it!

  18. We’ve been using a trick we learned at Family Camp. We put motions to the verses, which really helps even my husband and I remember. Every night before bed we recite them as a family.

  19. This is a great idea! Scripture memorization is so important and I have been trying to think of some good ways to do it around here. I will try this one!

  20. Hi~
    The biggest piece that my family and I memorized, was Romans chapter 6. We worked on it for 10 minutes every morning before school started…then, when we were done we recited it at our Church meeting.

    Hiding scripture in our heart is so important!
    God Bless,


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