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Making Your Own Convenience Food Mixes

For those who are baby-stepping your way towards learning to make more foods from scratch, rather than packages, here are some great ideas for making that process easier in this guest post! ******* Guest Post by Allyson As a stay-at-home mama to our highly active 2 year-old daughter, Emahry, and our “coming into his own” and very mobile 9 month-old son, Jonathan, I know how tempting it can be to reach for the convenience foods while grocery shopping.  However, I’ve found that with a little […]

Making Mothering Babies Easier: Babywearing

I thought this would be a great guest post to start things off with, seeing as I have just entered back into the world of frequent babywearing myself! I love wearing my new little sweetheart in my Hotsling, and especially love the convenience and free hands that it offers me. The author of this post, Nola, has been a longtime blog reader, is a fellow Canadian, and as I have gotten to know her through our emails, I consider her a sweet friend and encourager […]

Johanna’s Birth Story

The birth story begins about 2 1/2 weeks before she actually arrived. It was then that I began having regular bouts of contractions, a week and a half before my due date. With many positive signs of impending labor (increasing contractions, crampiness, slightly elevated blood pressure, a baby that was sitting incredibly low, etc.) we all thought that labor was likely to begin at any time that week, my midwife included. And so we waited… And waited… and waited. After over a week of continued […]

Meet Johanna!

It’s a girl!

Where Food Comes From 101

You Tell Me: Finding the Time to Cook From Scratch