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How My Garden Grows: July

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Waste Not, Want Not

I felt a little foolish saying yes, but as far as I could figure, I had paid good money for it and I wasn’t going to turn down anything that could possibly be nourishing food for my family! The “it” that I’m referring to is all the miscellaneous bones and fat that was left over after the meat was all packaged up (this isn’t including the two packages of nice, normal shaped soup bones I received). When I was on the phone with the meat […]

Preserving Summer’s Bounty: Blanching and Freezing Vegetables

This year I added a new skill to my food preservation repertoire, and I can't believe how simple it is! Blanching and then freezing veggies is a great way to preserve excess food from the garden or summer markets. The reason for the blanching (and not just simply freezing) is that it kills the enzymes in vegetables, which prevents them from continuing to be active once frozen, and would result in off-colors and flavors, toughness, etc. The technique basically involves putting the vegetables into boiling […]

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