Just for fun…


Nesting much?

I did this last week (completely emptying, washing, re-filling and neatly labeling all of my spices and herbs), along with a whole slew of other cleaning and organizing tasks. It may be a bit over the top, but it does make me smile to see how pretty it looks.

I need some more distraction, though! It is swelteringly hot here (we're in the midst of an unusually hot heatwave this week), and even though I would normally not mind waiting out my due date or even beyond, I am just so ready for this baby to come so that I can cool off just a little! I'm officially due in about a week, so in reality I don't have that long to go, but the days are dragging by right now.

So just for fun, can I get you ladies to entertain me a little?

I'd love to hear the wacky things you've done while nesting, crazy techniques you've tried to induce labor, or simply funny stories about labor and birth!

Ready, set, make me laugh!

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  1. These stories are so funny, especially the one about washing the ceiling. I can totally picture me doing that : )
    When I was pregnant with my 3rd, who was due in August…. I decided on a 90 degree day that our car really needed to waxed. My husband just shook his head when he pulled in the drive way and saw me waxing the car. When I was pregnant with my 4th, due in late Jan. I decided I needed to go outside and clean the glass of my sliding door. It was tricky trying not slip on the ice in snow on the deck.

  2. Too funny! These all bring back memories! With #4, this past December, I also remember attacking the spice rack with gusto right before she was born. Also tried shoveling the drive, walking, and delivering plates of cookies to the neighbors. With baby #2, I had eaten a bunch of fried chicken at Wednesday night church dinner, and was in labor by the time I got home. :)

  3. Lisamarie says:

    I meant to add that my second daughter was 4 days later, and that I’m also a PCOS-er! :-)

  4. Lisamarie says:

    These have been fun to read! :-)

    I have two girls. My first labour (8 days early) was brought on by LOTS of walking. It seemed all my friends wanted “one last day out” before I became a mother. At the end of the third day straight of walking all over town, my water broke. Six hours later I was holding our daughter!

    For my second daughter… My husband and I were travelling (we’re missionaries, and were home on furlough reporting to churches) up until I was past 38 weeks. Not overly smart, but it had to be done. I was doing everything I could imagine to keep labor at bay until we reached our home. So finally, at 38 1/2 weeks, I stepped things up- cleaning out closets, talking long walks with our two year old, etc. One specific thing didn’t send me into labor, but all that did dialate me to past 4 before contractions started. Once they did start, they were on and off all day, so I prayed and asked the Lord to stop them if it wasn’t real labor, and break my water if it was. I was tired and either needed to sleep or have this baby! That was at 10pm. At 11pm my water broke. At 12:19am Baby Girl #2 was born!

  5. To start labor or just to get your cervix nice and ripe, the best thing I’ve found is nipple stimulation.

    My best birth story was #3 (of five). I’m an L&D nurse and I went to work on a Sunday evening and started having ctx’s on my way to work. I took a patient who was in labor with her first baby and was 2 cm dilated. She got an epidural and continued to labor while my ctx’s got closer and closer. By 10 pm I was wondering if I’d be first! But she was completely dilated by around 10:30 and delivered at 11:43. When her Dr. came in the room, she asked me “So, how many weeks do you have left?” I replied, “Oh, I think more like hours!” She volunteered to check my cervix after the delivery. I was 4cm. By now it was 12:30 am and I called my husband to come and join me, asked a co-worker to clock me out, and got into bed. My daughter arrived at 1:24 am, just 15 min after my husband got there. My Dr. did not make it–the on-call Dr. was there instead.

    The next morning one of the nurses was looking over our log book and noticed that I listed as the delivering nurse on one delivery and the patient on the next!! She assumed it couldn’t be right, but my night shift co-workers assured her it was!!

  6. Michelle H says:

    At 38 weeks pregnant I decided I didnt like how my kitchen cabinets were arranged and completely switched them overnight. Thank you pregnancy induced insomnia! The best part is DH works third shift. He came home and went to get a glass and couldnt find them!

    I was due Feb. 3rd, and on that day there was a big fire in town. I’m the only female firefighter and well, I wasnt about to go fight any fires in my condition! So I hung around the station all day cooking pizzas for the guys and answering phone calls. I babysat for a while when one of our guys got too exhaused and had to go to the hospital. I called his wife remembering they had two young children sleeping at home. I watched TV and knitted at their house while she went to get her husband. Afterwards, around midnight I went back to the station to help clean up. I was on my knees rolling hose on my due date! Walking to my car around 2am, my water broke! 20 hours later, my son was born. =)

  7. Brittany says:

    My second baby, I meticulously cleaned out my purse while we were driving to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner. Later that night a little “Christmas celebration” with Dh induced labor, and the next day we were holding our son!

  8. I’m due on Sunday, August 2nd, and I’m about to go stir-crazy here too…we live in Texas…and it is too hot to even sit outside!

    I started pre-term labor at 34 weeks, so I was on bed-rest for two weeks, so I could get to 36 weeks. Then we were good to deliver at home. Well…here we are. I’ve had prodromal labor (contractions that start and stop but hurt…) for about 10 days now.

    I keep thinking that I’m in labor, and I’m nesting like crazy. Anytime we get close to having enough dirty laundry to make a load (which takes about five minutes around here…with a messy two year old and a volunteer firefighter husband) I throw it in the washer and fold it right out of the dryer. I’m starting to scare the college student that lives with us. *grin*

    Soon, right? SOON!

  9. With all 3 my nesting started like 8 weeks before my due date! Can you imagine how much cleaning I could get done then? I usually ended up reorganizing just about everything in the house lol.
    I know I rearranged furniture, painted walls and baseboards, put together baby furniture, sewed cloth diapers like crazy this last time, and randomly cleaned or did things that struck my eye. You just can’t leave anything alone or undone at that stage haha. Only one thing kept me back some is that my pelvis always tries to separate some and my sciatic nerve really gives me problems then. So I would do all that one day, regret it the next day or two, and then start all over again!

    That natural way does help but I’m not sure that was what made it work. I tried castor oil with orange juice (about gagged). Both of those things made false contraction.. which help dilate but not ‘start’ real labor. Also tried walking. This last one I picked up my 3yo at the time in the kitchen, she was sitting on my belly and next thing I know my water broke.

  10. Okay, you DEFINITELY have too much time on your hands! :) But the heat can make you do crazy things. I was out in Seattle this past weekend, and they were all dying due to the heat, so I know what you mean. It felt fine to me (cooler than home), but without A/C, they were all very hot!

  11. The day before I delivered my second baby, the baby furniture store called to tell me that they had just received one of the double strollers that I had been searching for for months. I threw my 2 year old daughter in the car and sped over there. Once home, I carried the 50 pound stroller up my back stairs and into the house and assembled it right away. I was so happy to get it before the baby came that I paid no mind to the fact that I probably shouldn’t have been lifting it.

    Well, it may have been what sent me into full blown labor, because my son was born the very next day, the day I hit 36 weeks. And my husband was away on a business trip!

    Lesson learned: With the next baby, no heavy lifting. And no letting my husband leave town past 30 weeks! :p

    Hang in there, your little bundle will be here before you know it!

  12. I had tried EVERYTHING (castor oil, pineapple, walking, etc.) to bring on labor, and then a doctor friend called and recommended, um, repeating the actions that made the baby with my husband. A few hours later labor started.

  13. Bellainara says:

    These have been great stories, I have to add my own.

    I was really sick throughout my entire pregnancy. Between the morning sickness that made me lose weight (and didn’t stop until I was 7+ months) and getting double pneumonia at 32-33 weeks, I had a rough time doing any really preparing.

    Because of the pneumonia, I had to move in with my parents (1 story ranch home). I was not to do any physical activity, walk up stairs, lift anything etc. I remember about a week after I moved back in, having an overwhelming feeling that the room was wrong. It had to be rearranged. Can you guess where this is going? I shut the door to my bedroom for two days and started moving everything. My then fiance (now husband) caught me while I was disassembling the bed frame, having already moved the mattress and box springs. It was then decided that I was to leave my door open and I was put on full bed rest.

    A few days after being caught, I insisted that we had to go to a huge children consignment event. We went, gathering everything that we needed (several trash bags full). After a hour, I waited by the door, watching our bags while my husband and mother ran around. I was starting contractions, but didn’t want to say anything for fear that they would want to leave instead of getting things.

    Our son was born the next morning, health despite the illness and hormonal craziness that I went through. That’s what counts in the end.