Calendar upclose

We're now past 37 weeks and are in the final countdown before baby comes! I thought it might be fun to have a baby poll, and let you give me your best guess as to the details of baby's arrival!

Here's the way it will work:

1) Leave a comment letting me know 3 things:

  • WHEN you think baby will come (a date and a time)
  • Which GENDER you think it will be
  • How much you think that baby will WEIGH

Just to help you out a little, my due date is August 5 or 6th. With my first baby, I went into labor 2 days late and had her the next day. With my second, he was born 8 days early, but with the help of a labor cocktail (yes, castor oil, ick!) to help him arrive in between my hubby's chemo treatments. My guess is that without the cocktail, he would have been early still, but probably not a full week. Also, my daughter was 7lbs 11oz, and my son was 6lbs 6oz.

2) When baby arrives, I will sift through all the guesses, and narrow them down, first by gender. Then I will take all the guesses with the correct gender and find the one that came closest to guessing the date and time of the birth. If there needs to be a tie breaker, I'll take the one that was closer to baby's birth weight.

3) The winner will get a $20 Amazon gift card, for anything their heart desires. They will also win a free copy of my ebook, Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time. Not to mention the distinction of being the one who gets to say "I told you so". :)

I hadn't been planning to post this up quite yet, but with the sudden nesting urge that has hit me and the fact that I feel like this baby is practically about to burst it's way out, I decided it was time!

I've actually been sick for the last week and a half, fighting a cold that just doesn't want to say goodbye. Despite the fact that I'm physically worn out, I have had the strongest need to nest, clean, organize and just get everything ready for baby. I can't really explain it as anything other than an absolute compulsion! Tired or not, I couldn't stop doing it if I wanted to! The house is now quite clean (though there's more I want to do still), the laundry's all caught up, all the home birth stuff (pool included) is set up, the food has all been completed, the kid's bag is packed, and I'm hoping to just finish up a few things in the garden. Phew!

It is possible that even if baby doesn't come in the next week that I will slow down in my blogging just a bit. Having been sick this past week, I've been using up all of the posts I like to pre-write and always be working on ahead of time. The reality is that it's more important for me to rest, finish recuperating and rebuild my strength while the kids nap/take quiet time than to it is to blog. I know that all of you mamas out there understand. :) 

I'm eager to see your guesses! And to meet this precious baby! I'll keep you updated!