Natural Weed Killer Recipe


In light of my recent discussion of nasty chemicals on my grass, you can imagine that I was excited to see this simple recipe to make your own, non-toxic weed killer spray:

Dissolve the salt in the vinegar, then add 8 drops of liquid dish detergent. Store in a labeled spray bottle.

I can’t take any credit- it all belongs to Kendra of New Life on a Homestead (formerly of Handprints on the Wall, but this is her fun new blog as she and her family adapt to life on a small homestead, raising animals and growing their own food)!

I can’t wait to try it though and prove that weeds really can be dealt with in a more natural way! Thanks, Kendra!

Does anyone else know of a great recipe for making your own weed killer, au naturel?

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  1. Bain Lothian says:

    I tried this recipe, testing it on a small patch of my lawn, fortunately as it killed not only the weeks but the GRASS as well.

  2. Victoria McDonald says:

    This works great. Sprayed it on my gravel driveway and within 2 hours the weeds started to die. Love this solution. Thanks so much.

  3. Use 1 tspn of honey and 1 tspn of borax mixed together to kill sugar ants coming into the house. It works! :)

  4. Thank you so much for this! Our beautiful circle driveway has become an eyesore with the amount of weeds it has. I’m a so excited to try this out! It will be an awesome contribution for my parents (they hate pulling weeds)! Thanks again.

  5. K9Kreations says:

    You have to be very careful using salt to kill the weeds, as it will make the soil sterile and nothing will grow in if after the weed is gone. I suggest using a much small amount than 1 lb! A tablespoon or two in a gallon should work just as well. Vinegar will kill the Canadian Thistle…you can get a stronger concentration of vinegar up to 20%. If you do use this, remember, it is an acid, and you need to wear gloves and eye protection. You can find out many different sites on how to use the vinegar, just be careful if you do try it.

  6. Does anyone know if this will kill Canadian Thistle, the devil of all weeds? Thanks :) I would be extremely happy if this works on it! I’m so anti-Round Up.