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You know you’re the mother of a boy when…

Growing a Potted Apple Tree

Did you know that you can grow your own fruit trees, regardless of whether you live in a small apartment or townhouse or a home that you rent? Anyone can grow fruit trees in containers, and it's just another way that we can frugally produce more of our own food, and as a huge bonus, it can be done organically! Just a few weeks ago, I brought home this beauty: Freshly inspired by the book The Backyard Homestead, I decided to take the leap and […]

A winner

Happy 2nd Birthday, Caden Nathaniel!

Current Reads For the Month of May

News From a Proud Auntie!

Plastic-Free Ice Cube Trays (and a Giveaway)!

"How on earth does a non-plastic ice cube tray work?" was one of my first thoughts when Carolyn of The Tickle Trunk asked me to review her latest stainless steel product. I was about to find out!   This incredibly nifty looking contraption soon arrived at my doorstep, and I couldn't wait to give it a whirl!   Here it is, full of ice, straight out of the freezer.   In the process of being cracked (by my 4 year old, who can almost do […]

How I “Do It All”

  I guess I only see what is on your blog but sometimes I get a bit discouraged thinking how can you do all that when I am attempting to do things and not fulfilling what I think I should be doing, most of the time? I do a lot, when I think about it, but I never feel its enough (maybe that is the problem), I have a routine, I try to balance out what I do each day, making sure I try to […]