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Living Simply Saturday: “A Mother’s Work is Never Done”

Don’t forget! The “A Mother’s Work is Never Done” Carnival is Tomorrow!

Clothing Kids Without Breaking the Bank

*An example of my loot from a successful morning of garage sale shopping for my son last summer* Find the next two posts in this series here: Part 2 Part 3 Inspired by my own recent efforts in stocking up on affordable children’s clothes for my two little ones, I thought I would share my own methods for making sure that we have all the clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. that they need, for as little cost as possible. The larger our family grows, the more important it is for […]

Living with PCOS: More Q&A

A natural stain remover that really works!

I found out a way to get blackberry stains off my little girl’s off-white blouse and pumpkin baby food off my little guy’s white/green shirt… without any heavy chemicals, and with minimal effort and cheap ingredients? Do I have your attention yet? :) Here are the ingredients: Liquid Dish Detergent, Glycerin, and water. The glycerin I found in the pharmacy of my local grocery store, $2.00 for enough to make one good sized (1 L or 1 Qt) squirt bottle of the stain remover. You […]

Teaching handicrafts to little ones

Living with PCOS: Some Q&A

Living Simply Saturday: The “A Mother’s Work is Never Done” Edition