My baby’s not a baby anymore!


At nearly 18 mths, my baby is turning into a little boy (and the most gorgeous little boy ever, if I do say so myself!). Look how proud he is to be walking around like a big boy!


Building towers and grinning for Mama… does he ever know how to melt my heart!

It seems every day is a new adventure with this little guy. A few days ago I thought he didn't know or care how to go down the stairs. He's always so content to sit up near the top of the stairs and wait for me to come up from the laundry room (all the while calling "Ma-ma, Ma-maaaa!"). Today, I went down to switch over the load of laundry, turned around to head back up the stairs, and there he was, at the bottom of the stairs, walking towards me!

Ok, ok, I get it! You're a big boy now! Just don't stop giving me those sweet snuggles and kisses and I'll try not to object too much to the fact that you're growing up so fast. :)

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  1. Cute! I am sort of scared about maybe having a boy. But it doesn’t look so scary after seeing your pictures! :)

  2. My baby boy just turned 12. It’s heartbreaking!! Yours is a cutie!

  3. my little boy is 18 months too, and this week I’ve been marveling too at how big he is. He wants to be like the bigger kids, sweeping the floor and washing the dishes, and he tries to sit on the potty (in his diaper). Yep, they grow up way too fast.

  4. Oh I feel the same way about Benjamin. It’s so much different with little boys! Benjamin is just recently coming out of teething and is sleeping better through the night and it makes it so nice to see him in a good mood! When I go and get him up in the mornings he says “mama” in the sweetest most happiest to see me voice ever I love it! It makes my day! Thank the Lord for children they really are a blessing!