For those who love ebooks as much as I have come to or have been thinking about checking one out, there is a massive summer ebook sale going on at Biblical Womanhood!

I wish I had been able to get this post up earlier (but couldn’t, due to my internet issues), because Crystal is selling her entire ebook collection for a mere $5.97! This includes her Supermarket Savings 101, the Growing your own Groceries ebook I’ve mentioned a few times, several on Home Business, as well as a quite a few on homemaking, frugality, etc. If I didn’t already have almost all of these myself, I would likely jump at this deal.

This price is only for the rest of today (Wednesday, July 30), and will go up by $3 tomorrow, then up by $3 again on Friday, and then the sale will end. What are you waiting for? :)