Great recipes: Sauteed Mushrooms and Taco Salad

Inspired by a few great meals we’ve had lately, I just had to share these two recipes as my Kitchen Tip for today!

Ryan’s Mushrooms

My darling hubby came up with this scrumptious and oh-so-simple recipe for quick, sauteed mushrooms (sorry, I had a picture, but it has disappeared into the vast unknown regions of my highly disorganized digital photos).

Ryan's Mushrooms
Recipe type: Side Dish
  • 1 lb fresh mushrooms
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • Bragg's Liquid Aminos (or soy sauce, Tamari, etc.)
  • Real maple syrup
  1. Wash and chop a pound of fresh mushrooms (we usually use button, but I bet other varieties would taste good as well)
  2. Add butter to a frying pan, and start sauteing the mushrooms on medium heat.
  3. When the mushrooms start to soften, add a good long squirt of Bragg's Liquid Aminos (or soy sauce, tamari, etc.) and a drizzle (maybe a tsp. or two?) of real maple syrup.
  4. Saute just a few moments longer, until the mushrooms are soft and fully cooked, and the smell is so unbelievably good that you just can't wait a minute longer to eat them! Mmm... my favorite way to eat mushrooms.


Taco Salad


This is a simple, skeleton of a recipe that we eat often, especially in the summer. It’s great because there are many variations, but it is also quick, healthy and tasty.

Taco Salad
Recipe type: Main Course
Begin with as many of these ingredients as possible:
  • Organic corn chips (organic is important, because corn is almost always GMO as well as extremely sprayed)
  • Ground beef (or turkey or chicken or even lamb), cooked with Mexican style spices, such as cumin, paprika, garlic, onion, chili pepper, etc.
  • Cooked beans (such as pinto, kidney, black)
  • Chopped Lettuce (romaine is nice, as it is so crisp)
  • Salsa (if I don't have time to make this, I will just use diced tomatoes)
  • Ripe avacados (or even better, turned into guacamole)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Any other chopped veggies you'd like- mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc.
I layer everything together in this order:
  1. Crumble a couple handfuls tortilla chips on individual plates
  2. Add cooked meat and/or beans
  3. Add lettuce and any other veggies
  4. Sprinkle with cheese
  5. Top with salsa, guac and sour cream


Not only does it taste amazing and fresh, it looks pretty too! This is such a kid friendly meal as well, with all the taco goodness in it, so no one will even notice that it’s a salad!




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  1. So, where’s the meat???

  2. Quick and easy recipe – Texas Caviar Simplified
    can of corn rinsed
    can of black beans rinsed
    diced green or sweet peppers
    garlic minced (no need to peel garlic, the peel will stay in the garlic press)
    splash of vinaigrette, just balsamic vinegar, or lemon
    fresh ground pepper

  3. My stomach is growling now :) Mushrooms are my favorite food! I do those big Portobello Mushroom Caps and drizzle them with olive oil and invert and fill with a little pizza sauce and some mozzarella cheese. Mushroom pizzas are the best :)

    Thanks for the recipe idea!

  4. We had taco salad for dinner last night! I find it’s a great way to use up an almost empty bag of chips, and I always have ground meat in the freezer plus beans in the pantry.

  5. We love this at our house but I don’t crumble the chips (they make great scoops) and I don’t even call it a salad, instead we’ve named it – Super Nachos! So easy and yet, so tasty.

  6. Those sound delicous! I love mushrooms and can’t wait to try that recipe! Thanks!

  7. Anything with avocados or guac is a little slice of heaven in my book! Thanks for the reminder about taco salad. It has been awhile since we have had it.

    For your ESL students, I was thinking you could have them help you make bento box style lunches with little bits of different things to choose from.

  8. Yum, these sound amazing. Especially the mushrooms. I love mushrooms. I posted a recipe for taco salad a few weeks ago. I use tortillas and make a bowl, but instead of frying them, I put them in the oven to get crispy. One of my favorite meals.


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