April 2008 - Keeper of the Home

Going no- ’poo?by  

Nope, it's not a post about diapering! I stumbled upon a brilliant suggestion through Clothesline Alley last week that I sure hope it going to work for me, and just had to pass it on to you. Here it is:... Read More

Spring is beckoning to meby  

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Bloggy giveaway winner!by  

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Salmon Melts, Broccoli Salad and Cinnamon Sconesby  

I spent most of the day working on my garden (so exciting, I can't wait to show pictures soon!), so I am exhausted and ready for a relaxing evening, but as requested, here are a few of the recipes I... Read More

Simply Super Baby Stewby  

As I work away on my calculations and post for tomorrow's Frugal Cooking Carnival, I thought I would just quickly post a simple, but very nutritious stew that I made for my 11 mth old baby the other day. This... Read More

Frugal Cooking Carnival!by  

At long last, the greatly anticipated Frugal Cooking Carnival is here! My challenge in doing this was two-fold--1) Trying to figure out how we could eat more frugally than we usually do (without sacrificing nutrition- it's only worth it to... Read More

Bottles, sippy cups and BPA – oh my!by  

All right, I've dug in and done a little bit of research and here's what I've come up with on the issue of returning #7 plastics for a full refund-- it really is true! Large chain stores all over North... Read More

It’s time for another Bloggy Giveaway!by  

And I couldn't be more excited to share with my contribution to all the giveaway goodness going on this week in the blogosphere! This is actually so timely considering my post last night, and the recent talk of grocery budgets,... Read More

Q & A: The necessity of a low grocery budgetby  

Here's a comment from my recent post on rising grocery costs that I wanted to respond to: Do you have that low of a grocery budget because you have to or because you want to (ie: pay off your mortgage... Read More

Menu Plan Monday- April 21by  

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A winner and a questionby  

First of all, congratulations to MaryBeth from Four Silly Sisters, who will soon be toting around two adorable re-usable shopping bags, in addition to her triplets and toddler! We're all jealous happy for you! Thanks to Stacey of Yvonne Totes... Read More

Cost-per-serving for dinner menusby  

As promised, I've worked this week on some more breakdowns of the cost-per-serving for meals, particularly dinner dishes. If you missed last week, I broke down different breakfast dishes into the cost-per-serving, in order to compare them. This all stemmed... Read More

I’m busy, busy, terribly busyby  

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Luscious Naturals giveaway winnerby  

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Menu Plan Monday- April 14by  

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Giveaway ends tomorrow!by  

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Feeds, images, and all that good stuffby  

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Breaking down meals into price-per-servingby  

Tedious as it may sound, this is what I've been working on in my "spare" time this past week (I use that term extremely loosely). As I mentioned last week in my post about working with rising grocery costs, I... Read More

A very happy endingby  

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Oatmeal: A Guide to Choosing, Soaking and Cookingby  

Today's kitchen tip is a quick lesson in soaking and cooking oatmeal. Recently, I've been asked multiple times what kind of oats we use, and to explain the details of how I make our breakfast cereal, so here goes... For... Read More

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