Going no- ’poo?

Nope, it's not a post about diapering! I stumbled upon a brilliant suggestion through Clothesline Alley last week that I sure hope it going to work for me, and just had to pass it on to you.

Here it is: Stop using shampoo and conditioner.

What? you say. Why on earth would I want to do that?

Here is a link to a post just full of information and reasons why one might come to a decision such as this. The motivation for me (as I already use all natural products and have found them for a price I'm willing to pay) came as I read this paragraph near the end:

Going "poo-free" may not initially sound like your cup of tea, but don't be fooled into thinking shampoo is a necessary or healthy part of your body care routine. On top of being excessively harsh, your shampoo may contain ingredients you're not comfortable having on your body or your hair. To really reap the benefits of healthy hair you'll want to return it to it's natural state, and going poo-free is the best way to do it. Try it for a month, and be faithful… see how much you love your new hair . You'll surprise yourself at how soft, vibrant and clean it will feel.

I've been 'poo-free' for a few months now and am enjoying volume, shininess and bounce that I've never experienced before but have spent years trying to attain. I've tried every volumizer on the block. Shampoos, spritzers, hairsprays, mousse and special haircuts to give the 'illusion' of volume… nothing worked. Who knew all I had to do was stop weighing my hair down with shampoos and conditioners? My hair has never been easier to manage, and it feels great.


I have fairly fine hair without much body, that gets greasy if I don't wash it every day. I've also tried volumizers, mousse, blow drying upside down, etc. to no avail. Could it be that all I needed to do was let my hair take care of itself, without all of the add-ons?

So far I have been trying this out for about a week, and it is going well. The post explains that there is somewhat of a transition period, and I've had quite a few greasy hair days when it goes straight up in a ponytail. I'm hoping it will be over soon, but generally when I wash it with the baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse, it looks and feels good (and smell fine), and I anticipate that it will get better in the next week or two and that remaining greasiness will be gone.

Has anyone else tried this? I'd love to hear about your experience!

Edit: This week, I tried skipping the apple cider vinegar rinse and just using baking soda, as my hair adapts and works through this (hopefully short!) season of greasiness. It really worked! When I did it on Wednesday, my hair looked and felt almost as good as when I use shampoo, and when I did it again today (Friday) again it is not nearly as greasy as it was last week. I'm continuing to try washing only every second day, and I have a feeling there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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Stephanie Langford has a passion for sharing ideas and information for homemakers who want to make healthy changes in their homes, and carefully steward all that they've been given. She has written three books geared to helping families live more naturally and eat real, whole foods, without being overwhelmed, without going broke and with simple meal planning. She is the creator of Keeper of the Home.

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  1. Love My Hair says:

    I have very thick, coarse, long dark brown almost black hair. After washing, my hair is poofy. I normally have to sleep on it and it gets a little better the next day. My scalp itched and felt dry.

    After trying the no poo for the first time, I did a blow dry and my hair was very soft, super shiny and not very poofy. We have hard water and I used this with the first wash. I was able to go 4 days between washes and the next time I used distilled water for the wash and condition. I did noticed that this time around, my hair was frizzier. The next time I washed, I used the regular house water and my hair wasn’t as poofy, more like the first time. I also do the final rinse with COLD water. I’ve read somewhere that this also helps to make your hair shiny.

    Another plus, was that my scalp doesn’t itch anymore! All the chemicals in any of the shampoos/conditioners I used were super harsh on my hair/scalp. It wasn’t dry and it feels great! I don’t even have to use my frizz taming/hair shine serum anymore!

    I use Dr. Bronner (peppermint) for my body and did try it on my hair once. ONCE. It felt like it stripped my hair of any dirt or oil. It was squeaky when I rinsed.

    I searched and tried so many products for my hair. Little did I know that the answer to all of my hair problems was in my kitchen cabinet all along!

  2. meredith says:

    Hi all..

    Has anyone tried Dr Bronner’s as a shampoo. I have heard great thigns about it and that it really helps hair and scalp health and is zero chemicals!. Hope to hear some suggestion on the same..

  3. No Poo Dude says:

    I’ve been no poo for about 4 months now. My hair has a little wave to it and rests on my shoulders. The first two to three weeks the oil came ruthlessly. After about my second month, it had become clear that shampoo was the cause of everything that I didn’t like about my hair. Now it is wavier, curlier, more voluminous, and bouncier than ever. I am a guy but it looks like I’m wearing a female’s wig. It’s really that beautiful. I have tried the baking soda, and ACV mixtures but I will probably stop those as well. Combing and brushing my hair more often has become a necessity due to an outbreak of dandruff. Perhaps the religious use of head and shoulders shampoo has somewhat weakened my scalp. The dandruff has gotten less and less over the past month. Other than that, I condone the method. Dermatitis might not be a problem for everyone.

  4. Haven’t heard of anyone before suggesting that we should ceased from using shampoo and conditioner. I was really on that kind of behavior as you had set above but when I get to read the whole post and totally get your point about it I was too get encouraged to give it a try . You were probably right about it. Well, see about it and I’ll give you an update about it.

  5. I have been ‘poo free for a couple of years, now. I started by only washing my hair when it was 1 day past greasy, and now I wash it maybe once every couple months (less in winter, more in summer). Rinsing it in hot water (whenever I feel it needs it) keeps the ends moisturized, and brushing well every day is all my hair seems to need. It’s very fly-away the day I wash it, and in between, my husband likes the texture and softness :) I don’t use any other products, mostly because I cover my head every day, so, the sprays and gels are unnecessary; my cover keeps everything in place! :)

  6. I was wondering if there are any brushing instructions to go with no poo. Do I want to brush less and do I need a special brush with boar bristles? Any information would be great. My daughter and I want to do this together and I am trying to arm myself with as much info as possible. Also, we wil still be blow-drying and styling with heat instruments occasionally. I am assuming that is just normal. Any suggestions in that area? Thanks so much.

    • @kristi, I personally don’t do anything different. I still blow-dry my hair about 3 times per week. I do use a natural mousse (from Lavera) sometimes. I probably brush the same amount, with the same kind of brush. I did cut down how often I washed my hair (from daily, to every 2nd day) while doing this and that works well for me.


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