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Making the Maker’s Diet work

I mentioned in my Menu Plan Monday post that my husband and I have decided to go back on the Maker’s Diet yet again, right on the tail end of the Candida cleanse that I have been doing. This brought out a few questions about doing the Maker’s Diet, so I thought I would take the opportunity to give a quick review of the book and diet, and how it has worked for us. If you’ve never read The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin, I […]

Menu Plan Monday- March 31

Q&A: Resources for learning about whole grains

Eating like a big boy

Someone asked recently where my son was at with eating and what types of foods we were feeding him at this point (just turned 10 months) and Crystal asked what works for others in feeding babies nutritiously and frugally. Here’s what our big/little guy (he’s growing up so much, but he’s still such a little peanut size-wise) is eating these days. Foods in his repertoire include: squash turnip parsnip beets green beans chicken (blended with homemade bone broth) beef (as above, with broth) carrots (he […]

Reflections on a difficult year- Practically serving those in need

I shared yesterday about the beautiful design of the body of Christ, as a place where those in need can find support and care, and those who are able can serve and bless others. I think that it may be helpful to share from our own experience what was particularly meaningful and helpful to us during our recent season of need. Here are some of the ways that our family was served throughout the course of my husband’s battle with cancer. I share them with […]

Q&A: More questions about plastics

Reflections on a difficult year, Part 2

Simply sprouted grains

There are so many different kinds of gadgets out there for sprouting: special sprouting jars and mesh lids and home sprouting devices… I’ve been sprouting grains and legumes for a couple of years now and I have never purchased a single piece of special equipment in order to do it successfully! Here’s how I do it: Soak grains/legumes/seeds overnight in a bowlful of water. Make sure that the water level is much higher than the grains or whatever you are sprouting. They will absorb quite […]