Menu Plan Monday- Dec.10


I’m feeling uninspired this week. Perhaps it’s that I’m doing this at 12:40am, or that I know my kitchen counters are full of dirty dishes. Whatever the reason, sometimes meal planning is just hard work.

I suppose that what makes it hard at times is that I don’t want to just be conventional in my meal planning. I want it to be healthy, delicious, full of variety, and always homemade, never from a package. I want a significant amount of vegetables in each meal, varying sources of protein, and yet for it all to still be frugal and to work with what I have (because this mama doesn’t make last minute runs to the store for particular ingredients anymore- I have wised up and now I work with what I’ve got!).

But, I am so glad that I do this. Because feeling uninspired, late on a Sunday night, sure beats feeling frustrated at 4:48pm on a Wednesday afternoon. :)

Monday: Pasta with Janet’s Tomato Sauce, Greek Salad and homemade bread (there was a slight change in plans last week, so an impromptu meal was added, and this meal got dropped- only to be recycled for this week’s plan)
Tuesday: Curry Beef Soup, with homemade bread- I’ve never tried this soup, so I hope it’s good!
Wednesday: Baked salmon, greek rice and steamed veggies
Thursday: Dinner with friends, I’ll be bringing an Apple/Blackberry Crumble (using frozen blackberries from the summer- yum!)
Friday: Homemade baked beans, squash, and dijon scalloped potatoes.
Saturday: My husband’s work Christmas party
Sunday: Creamy Tomato Soup, which I add rice to, plus bread and raw veggies with dip. I substitute the sugar in the recipe with honey, and I will be using raw milk (with the cream) instead of whipping cream.

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Stephanie Langford has a passion for sharing ideas and information for homemakers who want to make healthy changes in their homes, and carefully steward all that they've been given. She has written three books geared to helping families live more naturally and eat real, whole foods, without being overwhelmed, without going broke and with simple meal planning. She is the creator of Keeper of the Home.

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  1. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I think all of you are first time commenters (if not, I’m sorry- I’m just beginning to recognize my regulars!). Thanks for checking out my menu plan and blog! Hope that you all have wonderful week, too!

  2. Your menu sounds wonderful, we love soup so I will have to try a recipe or two! :-)

    Have a blessed week!

  3. I had a tough time this week too!

  4. I have been looking for a homemade Tom soup recipe that was easy….Thanks. My kids love it but I don’t like the sugar in the store bought.

  5. Your menu sounds great!

  6. That apple/blackberry crumble sounds lovely. Have fun at the Christmas party!

  7. I hear ya about how Sunday night is better than Wednesday afternoon for menu thoughts! Sometimes I think ‘oh I’ll cook whatever’ and then one of those ‘wiped out’ days will happen n I’ll wish I had a plan, an ‘autopilot’ supper idea!

    ~~Have a super week!