The Savvy Spending Challenge! How low can you go?

Do you have extra debt that you’d like to pay off faster? Are you saving (or wish you could start saving) for a particular item your family needs (a car, a computer, etc.)? Are you just as curious as I am to see how much more you could stretch your regular budget, what you could be getting better deals on and what you could actually do without??? Then join me for my Savvy Spending Challenge, starting November 1st! Here’s the challenge: If you were to […]

Kitchen tip for honey lovers

He disciplines those he loves …

I often make discipline about me. My frustration, my desire for a particular behavior, my anger, my sense of justice, my convenience, my level of energy. When life feels simple and the day is flowing smoothly, the chores being accomplished, no major crises happening, the baby’s not crying, and I feel overflowing with love and tenderness for my children, discipline is about training them up, presenting the Gospel to them, nurturing them and little else. But when it’s 4:49 and I’m trying to thaw the […]

End of season garden deals

Antibiotic misuse has tragic results

Smoothie of the morning

A picture of femininity?

Pancake morning!