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Announcing EntreFamily!

Stephanie and her husband, Ryan, have been hard at work and are launching a new website this week called EntreFamily! They offer stories, personal anecdotes and tips on the topic of being entrepreneurs while keeping their focus on their family. They recorded their first podcast with the subject of “Building a debt-free family business and guiding kids towards their talents – with Jonathon and Renee Harris.” Head over and take a tour!

Links for this week:

The Life Not The Lack @ She Loves Magazine

For When You Think You’re Not Enough @ Marathon Mom

Roasted Acorn Squash with Dates, Pumpkin Seeds and Goat Cheese @ Deliciously Organic

Making Memories in the Midst of the Mundane @ The Better Mom

Three kinds of expectations @ The Art of Simple

Zenbelly’s Pan-Roasted Chicken with Bacon and Apples @ Nom Nom Paleo

Pumpkin Spice Room Spray @ Wellness Mama

Why Kids Should Not Be Rewarded with Junk Food @ 100 Days of Real Food

It’s pumpkin season! What are your favorite pumpkin recipes?

3 Easy Ways to Guard Your Health {KeeperoftheHome.org}

3 Easy Ways to Guard Your Health Before You Leave the House

  Guest post by Nina Nelson Does your family get sick all the time? It doesn’t just feel like it – you literally say, “we’re sick again” at least twice a month. I’m sorry, friend. I know how it is, really. I used to say the same thing quite frequently. But not anymore. Now, illness just isn’t something that happens much in our home. We’re exposed to a lot of it, for sure. My husband is a paramedic and spends a good deal of time taking […]

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Elegant Rose Boutique Review (Natural Beauty, Hair & Skincare for the DIY Challenged)

Many of our Keeper of the Home readers are big on DIY, and I can understand why. You can create your own products, customized just the way you like them, with ingredients you know are safe and pure, for much less than you can buy them for. But, it’s not for everyone. Many of you want the home-crafted quality in your beauty products, but you’re overwhelmed at just the thought of making them yourself.  I do really enjoy tinkering around in my kitchen, creating skin […]

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Real Deals: This Week’s Sales and Discounts on Natural Products

This week’s top deals Here are a few Halloween Candy Options: As low as $15.17-$17.84 YumEarth Organic Fruit Lollipops, 30 Ounce Container for $20.99 Save 15% when you clip the coupon below the product description (you must be logged in).  Save an additional 5-15% with Subscribe & Save. Get FREE Shipping with qualifying order.  As low as $4.75- $5.59 ($0.47 – $0.59/snack pack) YumEarth Natural Gummy Bears, 10 Count $5.59   Save an additional 5-15% with Subscribe & Save. Get FREE Shipping with qualifying order.  As low as $19.01-$21.24 ($4.75-$5.31/pack) YumEarth Organic […]

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DIY Hand Sanitizer for When You're Out and About {KeeperOfTheHome.org}

Simple DIY Hand Sanitizer

  By Leigh Ann Dutton, Contributing Writer I’m not a germaphobe. I think dirt is good, and I like to keep beneficial bacteria around. I believe these things strengthen the immune system, which is especially helpful as we come upon cold and flu season yet again. Needless to say, I’m not running around wiping everything clean 24/7, rubbing hand sanitizer on my children’s hands at the drop of a hat, or refusing to enter the public domain for the next six months. We can’t avoid every […]

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Weekend Links

Wellness Family Summit Stephanie will be speaking on Monday at the Wellness Family Summit on the topic of creating a natural home! You can watch it for FREE online until October 20th by registering here. Other topics include Healthy Babies, Restoring the Family Dinner, Beauty Without the Toxic Beast, and Fermentation and Traditional Foods. Improve the health of YOUR family and future generations! Links for this week: Chosen @ (in)courage A Memory of our True Home @ Sarah Bessey Honey Mustard Chicken @ Simply Recipes The […]

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Blendtec vs. Vitamix: Which Blender is Better?

If you’re going to spend a big chunk of money on a high-quality blender, you want to make sure it’s going to do the job and do it for years to come.  For most of us, an expensive purchase like a Vitamix or Blendtec high speed blender is a carefully-made decision, and a purchase for which you’re likely to spend time saving up for. Ultimately, the cost is worth it in my opinion. It was 8 years ago that I first saved up to purchase a Vitamix […]

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Introducing the 2014 Christmas Gift Guide!

It’s time for our annual holiday gift guide! Each year we take some of the best gift ideas and compile them into a list to make your holiday shopping a little easier. Christmas is coming up sooner than I care to think about, and I know many of you like to get your shopping done early or (if you’re like me) just need a little nudge to get started. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for just about anyone on your list! How to use this […]

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